Monday, January 30, 2012

Jane G33 - The Next Man

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I first came across female rapper Jane G33 when she was plain old Jane Do3 a couple of years ago and by God, was it nice to hear a female rapper by way of a change. Babel Remix (feat Daddy Go Go) (September 2010) was the track in question and a very entertaining slice of old school it was too. Her next outing was (I think) the first track from her new group Pick One, Things I Say (January 2011) was surprisingly together considering it was all a new thing. In both cases the only fault I picked was with the lacklustre backing tracks - perennial problems for indie rappers. However, Jane is a lady who knows her stuff, and her partner in Pick One is no slouch either.

So lets see whats up this time...

This track has a significantly better backing track, a musical echo back to 1960's soul so it's actually right up my musical street too. My only quibble was that the track lacked bottom end (bass) especially with that all important kick drum. It also sounded quite flattened, pushed to far into the background to give Jane's vocals enough room to breathe which shows off the vocals (as it should) but does tend to blunt the musical impact. Not sure whether this beat is from a Soundclick beat factory or whether it's someone Jane got in to help out but it works, except for the points I have mentioned.

Over the years I have reviewed an awful lot of hip hop, predominantly on Soundclick, and I guess I have developed an ear for indie hip hop so I don't even notice certain things any more. It used to really bug me at the beginning that, although the rappers were good, the equipment they used to get there made a lot of listeners give the genre a wide berth. Well, although this still sounds home produced, Jane shows that whatever you may think about her style she isn't likely to stop any time soon and more power to her. We need all the female rappers we can get in this most testosterone fueled genre.

Recommended hip hop rap.

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