Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Andrea Ianni - LikeWise Album

Hear The Track Here

I know I said I wasn't doing any more reviews this month but this one is a bit special, as I am sure you will agree when you get to listen to the tracks. Have to own up to a massive bias here though because Andrea and I are good friends and I have been watching this album ever since it was first brought to my attention of a couple of years ago. Andrea is also my musical sparring partner and to make the nepotism even worse, the album has been mastered by one Steve Gilmore (Ed: who he??). So, right up front you should accept that I am biased beyond belief; however you know full well I am not going to get behind something that isn't 100% and this comes in several notches above that. As a long time rock animal, I know what I like and what I don't and the kind of rock I like most is one with a great song behind it.

Mind you, our first conversation didn't bode well.

'I'm into prog rock' he says. 'What's that smell' I say because regular readers know only well the depth of my hatred towards that specific genre. However, I find that it has mellowed somewhat over the years mainly due to Nad Sylan, Bonamici, Cinnabar and several other GOOD proggies. I've heard these tracks from the very beginning and even I am amazed at the final result, all down to the talent of the man himself and engineer Elad Levy, the production side of this is awesome. Andrea is an Italian multi-instrumentalist who I have come to realise is very talented in lots of unexpected ways but, IMHO, as a true rock songwriter Andrea Ianni is right up there with the best of them. Don't believe? Then listen to either Strawberry Girl or the massive King Of Prisoners for the proof of the pudding. Now obviously big exposure to these tracks will have coloured my opinion and I am not stupid enough not to take note of it.... Nonetheless, as I worked on the mastering I started to take real notice of how complex and intricate the work in it was.

Even though he lives in the wandering world of prog, there is a surprising amount of punchy, to-the-point rock music happening there too. I'd be very interested in what the prog crowd on Soundclick make of this because the blend of balls-to-the-wall rock, alongside almost ambient and/or classical sideturns is definitely not like any prog rock music I have ever faced before. LikeWise is a ten song set and, when the CD is finally out, I think there might be a surprise or two on it. In the meantime, this is one set of songs that should take some time for you guys to chew your way through, especially if like me, this music strikes a an emotional chord. The time, care and maniacal attention to detail Andrea poured into this project shows in every note and I am proud to have worked in some form in making it happen, and I hope you guys understand why I feel compelled to commit such blatant puffery. Majestic, moving and so much to take in it makes your head spin...

100% MUST HAVE (or I'll send the boys around)

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