Monday, January 30, 2012

Kyma - Lost Sands

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The name may well be unfamiliar but the face(s) behind this track are very familiar. Kyma is the latest bandname wheeze from the musician formerly known as Karma Police (UK) or just plain Neil Alderson who we have met many times over the last couple of years, with mixed results. This track is also a collaboration with another familiar figure, Ian Henderson, who you might know better as the musician Painted Water who we have also reviewed more than once. Then it follows that these are two experienced hands, so what could possibly go wrong??? Have you noticed that all famous last words all end like that? What could possibly go wrong? What about everything??

Now now, don't go digging the nuclear bunkers just yet a while...

Remember these are musicians who have been round the block a few times and while I have liked both of their styles, there hasn't been anything that has really knocked my socks off, although Painted Water came close with Finding Tomorrow (Remastered) (November 2011) and Karma Police obviously underwent a remix. I am a firm believer in collaborations (of all kinds, not just musical) because they enrich us, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. I do believe that people working together can work miracles and Lost Sands is a little sound miracle. So let me get it said right from the outset, this is not really my thing although I really liked the world music intro - right up my street as it were, but interest pales as I get further in and it becomes more ambient.

Lost Sands is billed as Electronic Mellow and while it has its lie-back-and-think-of-fluffy-clouds moments, I wouldn't have called it mellow because then I'd have to REALLY hate it and that will never do. We don't do mellow in this 'stablishment, nope. We do do good music though and - whatever personal tastes you might have - this is a terrifically good piece of music and shows that this duo have hit a creative nerve here that has done something wonderful. Lost Sands is the result and it's exceptionally well thought out,and a beautifully produced track. This is certainly better than anything I have heard so far in both sound and composition, hope they have some more of it...

MUST HAVE moodchanger

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