Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pilesar - Pinky Swear

Hear The Track Here

I found it strangely apt that this track ended up back to back with the excellent Nigel Potter Technophobian album, it made a modern counterpoint, as though they share a similar ethos and I think that is why I thought the pairing fitted. Pilesar (as we well know) is DEFINITELY from another planet and maybe from a galaxy far, far away and if he isn't then his music certainly is. Which is why this latest track from the Wonder Weirdo is such a puzzle. Dare we assume that the P word is taking on a more (gulp) commercial aspect in his work? Pinky Swear is an actual, real life song, with lyrics and all, sung by the man himself and is (as he describes it) a Phil Collins type 80's ballad thing.

There, there, don't be downcast. This is Pilesar we are talking about, he wouldn't willingly inflict a 'phil collins ballad' on his favourite reviewer would he? After all, I know where he lives and he knows I have a visceral, passionate hatred for those three little 'phil collins ballad' words - not to mention the actual demon and his nefarious works of mawk. Pilesar's last vocal outing was the eloquent and enigmatic Melon Balls (November 2011) although, to be fair it wasn't really a Pilesar track (it was an older recording of a previous band). Pinky Swear seems to be brand new and well in line with the clutch of Must Haves he got throughout last year, and it's a bona fide song!! My happiness knew no bounds for days I tell you.

I have a lot of respect for this musician, and always have done; he takes chances, he does things his own way and usually it works out well, and sometimes it's stunning what he comes up with. Definitely one of the brighter and more original musicians I have met online or anywhere else, a fount of great aural ideas. His idea of a PCB (those three little words) is about as far away as you can get. While it's admittedly a ballad, it's not like any ballad you've heard Jim.. (Ed: whotf is Jim now...?) While the track is simple musically, it gets the job done in that time honoured Pilesar stylee (especially noticeable in the percussion) and it has a surprising emotional punch - and can that ever be said about any PCB outside of In The Air Tonight.

Inspired and Highly Recommended AND it's PCB free!!

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