Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ludicrous - Jesus Mate

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Last year was the year that introduced me (and you guys too) to French/UK pop rock musicians Ludicrous who have such a sticky musical style they managed to lob four tracks onto my hard drive (yes, I kept them) out of a total of six reviews, and in the process earning honourable mentions in my year end review of 2011. A lot of that stickiness is down to my liking the kind of music they do, and I think there are people to whom this wouldn't appeal but they have no soul so **** 'em. Surprisingly enough it was the latest two tracks - The First To Touch Me (October 2011) and The Trickling of Blood that didn't have the same stickiness.

Both tracks are not as instant and accessible as the first four and are, to a certain extent, very different from the first four. In summary, if they end up on my HD then I'm impressed because everything else gets binned. Didn't mean that the tracks weren't good mind, they are. Just not as good as I think Ludicrous have been previously. I've already said they are a bit odd, certainly in song constructions (they are songs but not like you've heard before) and this track could have come from the time of David Bowie's Low - it has the atmosphere down, intentional or not.

Like every single one of this band's tracks, continued playing unearths the real beauty in the tracks, so this is not a band to drive-by listen. Download the tracks and live with them for a while, it makes all the difference. Olga (one of the vocalists) returns to action with Jesus Mate, and it's always a pleasure to hear her rich, full tones - she has a terrific voice. The only fly in the ointment here is that - overall - I found the sound a bit rough and ready. Now whether, again, this is intentional I know not but if it isn't in is undoubtedly down to the bands recording situation which - as you know - isn't an easy answer, or a cheap one either come to think of it. Nonetheless, Jesus Mate shows that Ludicrous are no slouches in the great song department - just give it time...

Highly Recommended pop.

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