Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marc Blackwell - Bring Me Trouble Video

Hear The Track Here

Dean Brantley Taylor, a name that might not be familiar to that many of you although he has become increasingly familiar to me because I seem to meet him every once in a while in different guises. I think my first encounter with him was with my late friend, the singer Mary Gottschalk whose untimely and tragic death shocked people right across the internet among people who knew her. Her song Other People was co-written with Dean and although I didn't review it at the time, I was aware of it. Then he popped up again with Marc Blackwell co-writing the original Bring Me Trouble (December 2010). What we are dealing with now is the video of the single. btw, there is also an album called Bring Me Trouble (February 2011) too, I reviewed it here.

These days I have to admit to being a bit of a video freak. I actually like a lot of the music videos I see, the indies ones because I don't really like a lot of the commercial hoopla, too much tits and ass for an old man like me. Seeing as we have flogged the audio version horse, it made a bit of a change to see this track brought to life again through this video. As I commented at the time of the original review, the thing that really gripped me from the outset is how similar it was to The Sopranos theme tune which has to be the best theme song known to man. It isn't, however, a copy of the Sopranos track in the same way that track isn't a copy of many New Orleans musicians who perfected this particular style.

Morgen La Civita is the female vocalist in the chorus, which is a new fact I gleaned through the video (created by Yoz Creative, check 'em) and both her and Marc appear in the video in cartoon form, but Marc is the only one to appear in human form. Make what you like of that one. Any*******way all that this does in increase my liking for the original track and while the video is pretty basic, it somehow fits the songs general feel very well. I also have a touch of admiration for these guys for really working this song through in all its forms, from the original audio to this. What next, Bring Me Trouble - The Movie? As they say in the comics, watch this space and - whatever you do - get an earful of this wonderful song.

MUST HAVE sleaze rock.

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Yoz Creative said...

Thank you for highlighning this video. It was a pleasure to work with Marc Blackwell and Dean Brantley Taylor in this video project. Its good to make musicvideos for unsigned artists giving them the chance to reach out more with their music!