Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Rascal Theorist - Be My Girl

Hear The Track Here

To this day whenever I hear The Rascal Theorist's finest moment, a track called New Frequency (May 2009) it manages to lift my mood and slap a smile on my usual scowling visage and, believe me that is a very rare thing. There again, New Frequency is that rare thing, an instantly recognisable song. Since then, the Rascal has been noticeably quiet only releasing (or rather me reviewing) a couple of tracks during 2010 - End Of Story (March 2010) and Alright (June 2010). Both tracks got well deserved Must Have's and raves from me because - as you know - I do appreciate great songs and The Rascal Theorist has provided some beauties in the past. Nice to see him back in the action again, so to speak...

About the last thing I would have expected from this musician, however, is a track so redolent of the Beatles it's untrue. I don't mean that Roscoe Foster (aka The Rascal Theorist) has suddenly become a Scouser (Ed: someone from Liverpool) because I know for a fact that he is from Wisconsin and is more known for working with ChiTown (Ed: Chicago...enough with the names already) musicians such as Muse Machine buddy Linwood Riley. It is obvious though that wherever he came from Roscoe also had his fair share of immersion in the musical wonderland that came from the fertile minds of Lennon, MacCartney, Harrison and Starkey. Anyone who truly loves the Beatles would not try for a pale imitation, it would have to be good enough or it would never see the light of day.

Good thing then, that Be My Girl is not only good enough but if you strip out Roscoe's vocals and imagine either Lennon or MacCartney in there this would be as close to a Beatles song as you are likely to get. Early Beatles mind, the lovable moptops variety where everything was still a bit fresh, a bit of a laugh. Before money and big business took over and strangled the life out of it. More to the point, it should also be an American variety because it sure doesn't sound English. As I mentioned earlier, given his pedigree, the quality of work on Be My Girl is absolutely up to the Rascal standard. That dedication to detail and the unerring ear the man has for what made the Beatles sound so fresh and new is what lifts this track for me, and of course my own liking for the whole Beatles thing, especially vocally.

Highly Recommended nod to the greats.

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