Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moral Factor - Caida Libre

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Of the five or so Moral Factor tracks I have reviewed so far, none have suffered overly much from me and that is usually because - despite the lo-fi approach - the strength of the musical ideas still comes through. A one man band from Argentina, German Gorchs (for it is he) has shown that he's comfortable enough in his own language to make music that sounds different because it is different. Essentially an acoustic guitarist, German still manages to mix it up some and Apagando la tele (December 2010) - a true world music track if'n I ever heard it - and Old Dirty White Shoes (January 2011) (folk rock at its teariest) show that he can genre hop with surprising ease.

Mind you, if you suffer from the attention span of a gnat, this is probably not going to get to you. Certainly it's intro is very low key and not likely to grab many ears but around a minute in a female voice joins in, and that for sure got my attention. The tonal difference between the two voices is something special and undeniably Hispanic/Latin in its musical roots, which is probably why it affected me so much. There's a lot more to the track than that, as it explores all kinds of musical nooks and crannies including (I swear) a kinda/sorta acoustic prog rock and that - for my money - makes it a really enjoyable listen. Despite it's unpromising beginning, given half a chance Caida Libre will grown on you.

There is, of course, the lo-fi aspect and - despite everything - some people just can't get over the concept of music sounding 'natural' instead of the processed slush that is force fed them day after day. Of course it has flaws, and glitches but you can hear it's beating heart, you can feel the fire in its belly and that will do fine for me, thank you very much. Caida Libre means 'free fall' so I guess that it needs to be as loose as a goose eh? Having said that, if you like your music with a spicy, nay intoxicating, Spanish flavouring then you need to grab some Moral Factor - and of course give it time to work it's particular magic.

Recommended Hispanic Acoustic.

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