Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rude Corps - ...And Then She Went Mad And Killed Everyone

Hear The Track Here

Got a bit of a shock with this. I had become so used to Rude Corps being a musical politician's nightmare I forgot where he came from and this track shows this artists roots more than most. Rude Corps has been a musical fixture on Soundclick for a long, long time, working with some of the best electronica collaborations around so it's no surprise that he should come up with a piece of raucous, stomping trickster jungle beats that you'll either love or hate. Either way, I guarantee, there will be no escape from the condition known to medical science as 'nodding dog syndrome'. Don't say I didn't warn you.

As a long time fan of the whole beats thing (I first got into it with DJ Shadow way back when) mad crazy cuts are fine by me, provided they make sense musically and some of the most relentless and inspiring music over the past few years has had some element of that around it. AT this stage of the game I think Rude Corps has just about attempted every musical genre these is, and usually to good effect too. Take, for example, the intro of this track which features a Harry Enfield skit on black and white Government health films, it's calm and reasonable style shattered into a thousand bits with a beat that eats worlds.

Now obviously this is pretty hardcore and I know that some people just do not get this style and, truth be told, I often don't either. When I do it's usually because it's also a good tune, or it has a few special production tricks I haven't heard before, or (more usually the case) it sounds fekkin awesome. And Then She... is the kind of track where, should it be played in a club would turn it's patrons into jam on the walls - and they would be loving every moment of it. To be sure, because of its jungle/d&b slant, it's not much to look at musically but it sure as hell give you a nice, solid kick to the brain.

AHDD in musical form. Highly Recommended.

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