Monday, June 25, 2007

Sound Radius - Our Crowning Moment Suite

Hear The Track Here

Had I met Sound Radius during the earlier part of 2006, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that he would have been a major player in my year end awards writeup. As it is, I reviewed The Power Within (December 2006) and found myself foaming at the mouth with excitement. A truly incredible musical experience and one that immediately got a Must Have rating from me. Evolution (February 2007) didn't have quite the same impact (how could it?) but it also showed the same amount of thought, detail and sheer musical talent this artist can bring to bear. Oceans of Freedom (April 2007) almost reached the same ecstatic heights of The Power Within (it does exactly what it says) and got a highly recommended from me. The real shocker here is the genre SR works in; Film Music.

Yes, I have seen the light. Halleluyah!!

So it comes as a bit of a shock that Sound Radius writes 'This will be the last of my film pieces for a while (as Ive started writing music for song), so I might as well go out in style' You *********, (shakes fist) you ********** *****!! Here I am overcoming my (enormous) predjudices and now you are bailing out of this much despised genre? Que pasa?? Actually, I jest. Sound Radius is that good at what he does, I look forward to his work regardless of the genre. Doing a little digging around I think I see some stuff coming from him and Sablade and that I am most definitely interested in. Our Crowning Moment (to bring us crashing back down to the ground) is the last of his film works and - as usual - the damn thing is faultless; try as hard as I might I cannot find a chink in its armour anywhere.

Curse those perfectionists!!

Musically, it sounds exactly the way you would expect good film music to sound; crisp, clear and sharp. All the better to highlight what (it has to be said) is this artists greatest asset; his arrangements. Almost everybody I know likes this artist because he puts real power and life into his music, and his arranging skills play a large part in that process. For me, the very essence of a good track is that it contains a lot to explore and every SR has that, regardless of its overall style. Although only four minutes and change, it packs a lot in from the string driven, angelic intro, to the tune of majesty and grace that lies behind it. Sound Radius really does have a knack for this kind of material and if I were going to listen to what I would consider to be the best in the genre, then this artist would be the place to start. Wow! Such praise eh? Rather than take my extremely dubious word for it, why don't you go and make up your own mind - you may even start foaming at the mouth too. Now there's a thought to end with.

Extremely high class film score. Highly Recommended.

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