Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fluidity - Apologetic Me

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Out of all the components that go into making our music, there is one area I am absolutely rigid about; drama and excitement! What, you ask, we can get that through music? Of course, young grasshopper, but you may have to rummage around in the Soundclick bin before you come up with something that tasty. Take, for example, yon John Paul Carroll (aka Fluidity) a NZ based rock musician who knows his stuff and isn't a-feared to rock out when the need takes him. Truth is, like a lot of SC regulars, I have developed a taste for his work which - initially - I thought sounded a bit thin aurally. Mind you, that was a problem he sorted out quickly enough as you can hear by listening to I Write Songs Not Cheques (May 2007) or Negative Slant (April 2007) which show exactly what Fluidity means in sound terms.

Built on rock and roll.

As a regular reviewer you get to see various facets in most artists output and I think I've seen most of them in the acres of Fuidity tracks that have come my way. I have compared him to endless people and - in rock mode - he reminds me most of the energy and drive of (gulp) Status Quo. This years tracks from this artist in particular show that Fluidity is settling into his own groove very successfully and, along the way, giving us some very high energy, straight ahead rock tracks in the time honoured classic fashion. Although Apologetic Me is billed as Pop Rock, it's rock in tooth and claw, but with some excellent vocal touches that make the track interesting and exciting to hear. See what I mean now?

From its opening chops, Apologetic Me, sets itself up to power effortlessly, the vocal sounding surprisingly Cure-like (another comparison I have made in the past) and - as a casual listen - it impressed immensely, especially when cranked up to wall shaking levels. Although it's not without it's little niggles, I think this is one of John Paul's finest efforts to date. Oh and btw did I mention that this r-a-w-k-s. As in kerrang! More listens show the song to better light and again JP shows his lyrical individuality coming up with - this time - a tale of regret and wishful thinking that makes much more sense once you'd had a careful squint at the selfsame lyrics. Especially the 'right guy at the wrong time' sections. Along with drama and excitement, I will also want visions in my music and JP's new songwriting maturity shows that he is a man of many visions. IM(very)HO, one of the best Fluidity tracks yet.

Highly Recommended peice of rock fun.

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