Saturday, June 30, 2007

Big Wheel - Capriccio

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Although I have been known to nod off ocassionally (I'm old, what can I tell you?) I have never been a fan of the music that is made for putting you to sleep - chill out. Most of the time, it just sounded like regurgitated elevator muzak with ideas waayyy beyond its station. Then along came a Big Wheel and that put paid to that bit of nonsense. Fact is, whatever the hell he calls his musical style, Big Wheel's music has consistently struck a chord (Ed: groan) with this reviewer because the one thing that can be said of him is that he is remarkably consistent.

No bad thing where I live...

I first came across him reviewing Far Away (July 2006) although I have a suspicion he'd been hanging out at Soundclick for some time before that. That consistency, and his particular approach to the genre(s) (from chillout to d&b) have won him many listeners over the past year. For example, there are some 70+ stations currently playing his material and I would imagine his download count is pretty healthy too. Just spending a couple of seconds checking out the first part of the intro of this track will show why he is held in such regard - especially if you like d&b; you can bet there is always a trace of that genre in his work and Capriccio is pretty much exactly what I expect from a Big Wheel track these days.

Bright, competent mixes encasing - as the man himself says - 'a piece of self-indulgent piano noodlery' doesn't sound up to much on paper but sounds bloody wonderful sailing down your ear canals. Cappricio is a tad more lush than I care for, but even so there is plenty here for listeners to glom onto especially if you are a sound spotter (Ed: aren't we all?). While I am dead set against any 'noodling' in music, I can take it if there is a point to it's noodling (if you see what I mean) and in this case the point is well made. Nothing to exert your brainpower over, just another normal day in the Big Wheel universe. If you have never heard this electronica artist before, do your ears a favour and check him out.

Class blend of chill and pill. Recommended electronica.

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