Friday, June 15, 2007

The Bob Lazar Story - Greengold

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I've encountered The Bob Lazar Story a couple of times in the past and considering the genre they are working in (prog rock, long one of my most hated genres) I've found good things to say about all three tracks. Now, to the smartasses who are cracking on about me saying good things about everybody, FOAD. See, things are never what they seem. Although I've liked previous tracks, the genre will always stop me really breaking out into a sweat, even while I notice that Matt Deacon (aka TBLS) not only is an accomplished musician he also knows how to get it down digitally too.

Not a bad trick, and one that stops me noticing the genre too much, Smart.

Greengold is, apparently. 'an ode to everyone's favourite algae drink - the Spirulina Smoothie' and don't ask me what that is cos I haven't a clue. If it ain't coffee coloured, I ain't interested, know what I mean? The Bob Lazar Story is a bit adept at using unusual timings (Greengold, for example, is in 7/8) and I think this is one of the reasons I keep listening longer than most. For someone spoonfed a diet of four beats to the bar, as most people are these days, music made in other timings can sound well odd. Slip into the first say thirty seconds of Greengold and you'd swear that these people are on aceeeeedddd. Or an alternate universe.

There again, me little munchkins, this is the land of prog rock and seen in that light, Greengold sounds exactly like it should. So slippery it's like trying to nail water to the wall. My problem with the prog rock style is that it is all about the 'technique' and not about the heart and soul of the music. All well and good in the hands of virtuoso performers; like two week old porridge in the hands of lesser lights. Matt Deacon, fortunately is one of those rare musicians it is interesting to hear and he varies enough for his music to sound fresh rather than turgid. Greengold is a bit of a feat of instrumentation and arrangement and certainly if you like that side of it, there's plenty here to gawp at. Taken as a straight bit of music too, it has lots to offer - provided you can get past the strange timings. Me, I liked this one a lot and it shows how dedicated to making the genre work for The Bob Lazar Story than most of the competition.

Exhuberant prog rock. (Ed: is there such a thing?) Recommended

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