Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Policy Overkill - Failure

Hear The Track Here

S'been almost a year now since I first laid ears on Policy Overkill, an electronica artist from PA, USA and several other big capital letters, so it's about time we had a good look at what happened in that year. Impressed was I at Wonder (August 2006), a recommended I gave it. (Ed: you haven't been taking your anti-Yoda meds have you?) Not a bad start, and in ambient electronica too which is not usually a fruitful place for me. Smile (September 2006) didn't fare so well, it's techno-Goth feel a bit too spotty to really work out. Song 17 (December 2006) ended the year on a very high note with it getting a highly recommended from me and guaranteed him a place in the Soundclick Hall of Oddities for that year. Chaos Theory (February 2007) showed that Policy Overkill is not one for standing still; an adventurer in the wilder aural limits.

OK, yeah, another ********* nutter would do just as well.

After I spent an hour scratching my head, my thumbs twiddlling for the audio clean up department, I finally decided that Policy Overkill was exactly the kind of nutter who would put record hiss and crackle into a track. Funnily enough, it (just about) works but that's only because the rest of the musical scenery soon takes up most of your attention span. Much more experimental electronica than your average techno fan might expect but that's their look out because I found Failure surprisingly listenable. I have to put that down to my continuing education thanks to Soundclick's more experimental artists.

Certainly Failure is a classic slice of experimental electronica that has more in common with drt and the ilk but there again Policy Overkill has a tendency to hop about a bit. After a few plays I'd warmed up enormously to this track, despite my initial dislike of the crackle and hum, there's a willingness to REALLY fekk around with the track and make itself tie itself in knots. I gotta tell you I love that stuff. Accordingly, Failure is going to gain a place on my hard drive so I guess its not that much of a failure is it? Obviously it's not going to count for everybody but if you like electronica that skates on the thin edge then Policy Overkill has a world of bafflement to behold.

Highly Recommended experimental electronica. (Ed: yeah, but why does this happen? Is it Fate? Is it Destiny?)

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