Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Radio Pohmelye - The Spaghettification of Dr Vostok

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Radio Pohmelye, an artist from Helsinki, Finland impressed me with his technical abilities but not, unfortunately enough to make the review that noticeable. Sure, it's a given that not everyone can come up with the goods every time but I have to say that (in general) Scandanavian musicians stand a better chance than most. Radio Pohmelye is no slouch at getting the track to sound right either, it's more a question of waiting for the right track to come along rather than wondering IF the right track will ever come along. After all, achieve a certain level of professionalism at this game and then its just a question of getting the songs right.

Easy when you know how.

The Spaghettification of Dr Vostok is - at first glance anyway - musically the sort of thing you would expect having listened to his first track (Sunday Morning Workout, December 2006). It also has some of the same - I won't say flaws, because that wouldn't be the right word - oddities that made that track listenable on a musician level but what your average punter might get from it may not be the same experience at all. We - musicians, that is - listen to tracks because we want to know how others did that bit and that bit there Joe Q Public just thinks it's rubbish or its not and that kinda depends on the level of a: hummability or ; b: atonality or sheer out and out predjudice against anything that smacks of being different.

There's no doubt, as even the most cursory of listens will show you, that Meddi (aka Radio Pohmelye) certainly knows his crotchets from his quavers; a very common event for musicians from Scandanavian countries. I'm told it has something to do with the way that music is taught in schools there. Who cares, because speaking as a fellow musician, I like what this artist comes up with but it does have its little quirks that make it harder to grasp than it should be given the musical thought he's putting into it. The Spaghettification of Dr Vostok is a full musical production that has much appeal, if you like a bit of musical whimsy (lots of la la vocals etc) then look no further. It's on the Radio.

Oddly catchy musical vision. Recommended for its inbuilt giggle factor.

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