Saturday, June 23, 2007

Alchemystic - Artist Overview

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Here's something I haven't done in a while. It's been ages since I've done an artist spotlight and if anyone deserves a bit of a special mention it would be our old electronica buddy Alchemwotsit. While it's true that he has been switching his tracks around like a man possessed of late, it is also true that I missed a couple of his review requests completely so maybe this will go some way to making the poor boy feel better. For those who have no idea what I am rabbitting on about, I first encountered this American musician when I reviewed and liked Sands Of Time (May 2005) even though it was classed at the time as Game Soundtrack it showed that Alchemystic had a lot more in store. Proved to be the case too because in the two years since then this artist has become a favourite SC artist of mine and lots of others.

One track that got lost in the shuffle was Jungle Storm, a track I should have reviewed a couple of months ago. so I thought I'll get this one out the way too. It is, as you would suspect, a jungle tinged track but with the wide-open spaces and beautifully placed sounds that are an Alchemystic trademark. It's in the depth of the music that this artist really excels - at least for me - and every track has a long shelf life. Jungle Storm is a stomping wide screen action track that doesn't let up for one second once the initial drums-only intro reels you in. The intense rhythms are adorned with the usual electronica trickery but in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing, it's an odd combination that works surprisingly well. Tell you what, have a listen and it's a pound to a penny that you will be downloading it too.

The real review request for this month, however, was Di Good Life which is as different from Jungle Storm as you could get and hope to live to tell the tale. I've lived with this track for the best part of the week and I'm still trying to come to terms with it. Not with the music (which is fekkin awesome) or the production (which is awesomer?) but with the fact that this is Alchemystic doing this stuff. While it has an incredible Caribbean feel and the lilt of a reggae tune it is still an Alchemical concoction but I tell you, the boy's never sounded so good, or so fresh and different, Maybe its because I love the summery feel of the track and the way it has been put together with skill and patience but whatever it is I fell for Di Good Life right off the bat and it ain't stopped since.

MUST HAVE Artist and a MUST HAVE track in DI Good Life.

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