Wednesday, June 20, 2007

1969 - Planet Earths Midnight Creature Show[

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China, being the most populated country on the planet, should be absolutely awash with musicians but you wouldn't know it by checking out Soundclick would you? Search on China and you get a grand total of 165 artists, search on NanJing and you'll get four; one of which being self-acclaimed 'lonely planet boy' 1969. Is it that Chinese musicians don't know about Soundclick? As sure as shit there are thousands of young, energetic musicians there, that I know for a fact. China has an excellent musical scene and it would be nice to experience it more through Soundclick. OK, rant over, let's get to the music.

1969 is a one man band (you may also know him as blue zeppelin) who works in Alternative who does a very impressive job with echoes of early Bowie both in song construction and delivery. Hey, if you are going to influenced by anyone it might as well be someone good right? There again, I did notice that he cites Marc Bolan as an influence and I can hear some of that as well. The music, though, is much more complex than anything the pop pixie would have come up with - much more Bowie. What comes out the other end would come as a major surprise if you didn't know that the musician was Chinese.

Gor'blimey guv is about right.

It takes a while to get moving, you have to get past a sci-fi intro that is kinda rough soundwise, but once you get into the heart of the track you will forgive it anything. Especially if you like the musical references I cited above. Although, I think I would have to say I would have liked a cleaner sound but put up against the song and its arrangement, it's something I can definitely live with. There's definitely a 1970's feel to the track, 1969 probably spent ages putting it all together and - given the fullness of sound and instrumentation - it's come out of the process extremely well. Definitely a track I'm going to have hanging around for a while. Surprisingly enough, he also reminds me of Soundclick artist melv in sound and in presentation and that - believe it or not - is a high recommendation.

Life On Mars? Yep, we are being watched. Highly Recommended for 1970's rock freaks.

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