Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cam's Even Song - Stingray

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And now the Guinness Book Of Records (Soundclick branch, sec: Algernon Weasley) really should announce that Cameron Bastedo (aka Cam's Even Song and all its disguises) gets an award as being the most prolific artist on SC. However, the real kick in the ass is that most of the 180+ tracks he has on his numerous webpages and aliases are wonderful. Really. Look, take that disbelieving, snot-nosed expression off your face, and have a listen for yourself. Somebody (I think Chad Yochum) said that Cam's music was breezy, timeless, nostalgic and I think I'd agree with that whole-heartedly. It's one of the reasons I have most of his 2006 output stashed away on my hard drive, and the reason he holds the dubious honour of being my Artist Of The Year 2006. Cam manages to sound different in almost everything he puts out, even when you know that it's all coming from him, it still makes you shake your head like a horse maddened by flies. Now WHERE did that image come from :D

Envy, my friends, sheer, unalloyed envy.

Now it's already a given that Cam's Even Song cannot be AOTY two years running (no-one can) so does he settle back in his tawdry glory? Not flipping likely mate. Gonna Sell something to a Telephone Salesman! (February 2007) was his first Must Have for this year and My Castle By The Sea was his second; each a study in what Cam's Even Song do best. Make great songs, perform them with style and innovation along the way making some of the most fun music you are ever likely to hear. I agree that Cam has a certain style that does require you to explore what he does over a matter of time. It's about adopting a particular taste and its the way that I came to see Cam's music and the way many others did too. Cam's music has so many sides, it should be glassed over and called a greenhouse; every single track has something different to offer.

Stingray is so different, it made me double take....

Arrrggh, I screamed in frustration, cccahhhhhmmmm onnnn, you can't be serious???? Of course, even Cam says in the song comments that Stingray is 'a silly song' and indeed it is. If I didn't know Cam better, I would think he'd been hitting the waccy baccy a bit too much (ie adopting a horse feed bag and filling it to the brim then chewing the lot. But look again at the lyrics and - whatever you do - don't dismiss this track out of hand. As always, Cam's music has a habit of sneaking up and mugging you when you least expect it and by the fifth or sixth play I was beginning to get the wider picture. Which I must admit, I was quite pleased about because my first impression of this track gave me a massive turn when I contemplated reviewing a Cam track I didn't like. I'm not sure what created this first impression but it is highly mis-leading. While Stingray isn't among Cam's finer works (and probably doesn't even aspire to be), it's still a class little number.

Got your snorkel? Flippers? Dive! Dive!! Dive!!! Recommended whimsy.

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