Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One Kid's Lunch - Victory

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It's been a bit of a quiet year for One Kid's Lunch so far, although OKLdave has been throwing out material hither and yon from all other points to keep the pot boiling. Bless 'im. 2006 was studded with little OKL gems, all of which helped them get considerable mentions, a Track Of The Year and a Top rating in my year end reviews. Maybe they were all a bit puffed out after all that excitement eh? Poor likkle lambs. S'far as I can remember Maybe (April 2007) is the only track I have reviewed this year. Either that or Dave has finally finished clearing out his musical closet so they can get to the newer stuff.

Yeah, that'd be right.

I'm a firm fan of the 'here's some instruments, let's have some fun' school of music, which is probably the main reason I like this duo (Dustin and Dave, the Double D) but that wouldn't be the whole truth. I like them because of their style of music, the way they express themselves through it and the droll humour that often pervades every inch of space. Just as an example of that, take a look at their song titles and comments (eg: a song titled Nah whose comment is 'on second thought... or; a song titled More with an 'is that it??' comment). Silly? Childish. Yeah but.... nrrrrr. Shifting their genre slightly, One Kid's Lunch early Beatle phase has passed and now they are growing some rock muscles - or at least that would be your first impression of Victory.

I swear to all that is holy the first reference I got from this track is ZZ Top and believe me, that's a wake up and smell the coffee moment. I always liked the sheer swagger of the Bearded Ones music and I think that's why I took to this straightaway, despite it being quite a departure from usual OKL fare. At bottom though, as always with this artist, is a great song with plenty of attitude and lots to say. In this case, OKL wrestle with Christ's victory over death and - in the process - taunt His Grim Reaperness righteously. You can almost imagine the rotten vegtables being hurled at him. Victory is fast paced, highly engaging southern rock that shows me that OKL can rock out when need be with a capital R-A-W-K. Oh, according to the plot of this song death is a fly and Jesus is the swatter, so that's alright then.

Excellent rocker (with just enough cheese). Highly Recommended.

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