Saturday, June 23, 2007

Decollage - Not Without My Parmesan

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Decollage, a Munich, Germany based Experimental artist has had a bit of an up and down time with this reviewer. I absolutely loved the first track of hers (for it is a she!) - Number 1 (November 2006) but since then I have felt that her work is a little too patchy for me to show the kind of keeness I was showing for Number 1. That's probably more because the tracks weren't what I wanted at the time, rather than some intrinsic fault. Fact is Decollage doesn't do fault (or at least not by much). And, it's only been a little while since Decollage started all this stuff, so I guess she's not particularly that perturbed about what people say, and indeed why should she be? I have, after all, heard a lot worse tracks than the four or five of her tracks I have reviewed so far, and Although I may pick holes in the tracks I do like what Decollage does. So much so that I've never really done any of her tracks down that much and even recommended one or two.

Electronica, German style, has always held appeal for me.

That cannot be said, of course, for the general population of Soundclick and I am well aware that this is a small part of the bigger picture but hey, it's a fruitful small part. See, I have a special liking for yet another Munich artist, Burp who just happens to be a friend of Decollage - I think you see where I'm going with this. Decollage shares a lot of Burp's musical taste too so it's a given that if you like Burp, you will like Decollage. Both play with electronic sound and rhythms to make their music and - other than Burp - I can't think of anybody who quite sounds like this. Refrag used to have an even more deviant version of this but he seems to have disappeared off the face or the Earth. Enquiring minds want to know: Whatever happened to Refrag?

So.....where was I? Ahhh yeah....

For the particulars of Not Without My Parmesan, regular fans of Decollage with have no hesitation in recognising the style. Not etc... is billed as IDM (intelligent dance music, seeing as ya axed) but for me it's still a little out there for dance. Unless you happened to by a master of the stop-start-fart about mode last seen when aping robots dancing was all the rage. Musically too it has much, much more in common with yer plain, unadorned experimental - in this case both instrumentally and rhythmically. I couldn't put my hand on my heart and cry out that I love this track more than is good for me, but it is a good example of what Decollage does - whatever genre its placed in.

Recommended experimental electronica.

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