Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mean Scene Project - Redline

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Mean Scene Project are - by the looks of their SC page, fairly new to this site and certainly to this reviewer. Not much info to go on from the SC page but a little digging always pays off. MSP appears to consist of at least Sean from the USA and he's an alternative artist (Ed: aren't they all?). Not much to go on I grant you but it did raise a further thought. How come all us geezers (chaps, guys, humans with dangly bits) on Soundclick seem to have some truly beautiful looking friends? I'm just as guilty as the next man and one of the joys of sifting through the members pages is gazing at the boooootiful women on SC. Take, for example, Lorena Echavarria - she's front and center of Sean's SC members page of friends. I say pppphhhhooooaaaawwwww

(Ed: any more of this Gilmore, and I'll be taking the blue edit pencil out. Get on with it!)

So all thoughts slippery safely stashed away, let's look at what we are really about (Ed: yeah right), the music. While I was downloading Redline I noticed that MSP cover several shades of rock from classic to pop. Redline being an example of Pop rock, it should be right up my street innit? In fact all nine tracks on the page appealed to me because I am a consumate rock animal and I like finding new things. Ahhhh, bert does it translate into aural joy? The first time I wound up my gramophone (Ed: Good God, are you THAT old??) and inserted this it became obvious that it illustrates - yet again - the yawning chasm between what Europeans term pop and what Americans do.

Taken at an Alternative indie level, Redline is pretty much what you would expect, its American sound showing just how strong the whole rock thing is over there. I can't say I find much wrong with this track technically, it's put together well and with good sense and some time has been spent getting the mix and production just right. It's on a musical level though that Redline stands or falls and that is - I'm afraid - down to peoples likes and dislikes. To be sure if you like the whole American alternative thing then MSP and Redline is a real good example of it in all ways. It would have been nice, however, to be able to read some lyrics as well but hey, I'm forever harpin' on that subject. On the strength of this I am tempted to dip into some other tracks by this artist, but as I said, I do like all shades of rock.

Excellently presented Alternative rock with an American slant. Recommended.

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