Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sirisat Julia Claire - Searching 'Ong Namo'

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I have to admit I was highly skeptical (oops almost wrote sceptical which is another thing entirely) with this whole 'Freinds' lark Soundclick has been running but - surprisingly enough - the silly thing actually works. I've met some great new people since I started really working the whole MySoundclick: Members Pages thingie, many of them eye opening musicians and an indication of how Soundclick never fails to deliver some very surprising musicians. Sirisat Julia Claire has been one of my new finds and I just thought I'd give you guys the heads up too. Judging by her interview page, she has been active in the real world for some time, even having a couple of albums released a while ago and she's working with a whole raft of other musicians (Carles Reig, Pep Rius and Ernesto BriceƱo) - all connected in some way to Ohm Records (or is that Ohmm.com) Yep, Julia is a yoga teacher/singer/dancer from the beautiful city of Barcelona in Spain, and her musical work is informed by her philosophy so expect some extremely chilled-out music for body and soul.

Ahhh now your looking a lot more interested...

As you should be because, no matter what your preference, a track where everything happens just so is a prime candidate for attracting attention. Despite its obviously spiritual overtones and approach, Searching Ong Namo is a instantly likeable track any level you care to name. Welcoming and warm in the way Enya often is, although I have to say having evoked that image, Sirisat (and musical mainstay/producer Carles Reig) operate on an entirely different level. For sure there is a massive European influence stylistically and lyrically - some of it is sung in French - and another reference my brain made was to Ilona, who operates in much the same musical field. However, as is usual, time and repeated plays really cracked this gem of a track open and although I don't normally go for this kind of thing, the musical muscle on display in this track is absolutely terrific, and worth the listen alone. The breakdown just after 7:00 in particular being a joy in and of itself.

However good (nay stunning) the music and production are, they are still topped by Sirisat Julia's incredibly professional singing (and a very nice video she makes too). Let me put it like this, if you can't get past the first minute of this track, then the whole eight minutes and change it runs for will be of no use to you. You will not have recognised the skill, patience and dedication it took to bring this to your ears and I would guess your life would be poorer for it. In this world of home/garage recording it's a pleasure to hear 'the real thing' and done so well, the only thing you need to worry about is whether you will like the style. There again, it covers so much musical ground in it's length, that I'm sure almost anybody could find a bit they liked. Personally, I think there is a huge market for such material, and it's nice to know that at least I've heard one of the very best - in every way. If it sounds like I love this track, I do but I am professional enough to look REAL hard at anything I could pick apart and there isn't anything. At all. Seamless, that's the word.

MUST HAVE (there's another two).

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