Monday, April 16, 2007

Carol Douglas - Money From The Satisfied Man

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Being an active member of an online music community like Soundclick demands lots of different disciplines and - let's face it - an awful lot of give and take. Sure, it's OK for someone like me who pretty much works by myself, only taking on the odd collaboration. I feel really sorry for those people who - like Carol Douglas - write the songs and then have to find people who will realise their musical vision. Carol Douglas has been a long standing member of Soundclick and is well respected for her songwriting skills (this is the person, after all, who first introduced me to the immaculate Maria Daines) when she and Paul Killington got together with Carol to put together the classic 'Varog! Varog!' track - now a couple of years in the past...

So what has she been up to lately? Would you believe getting money from a satisfied man?

Decidedly saucy innit??

Think about it? What would you consider is the harder - a rocking peice of music or a lyric that reaches out of the song and touches your heart? Personally speaking from a deep well of bitter experience, I'd say a well turned (and phrased) lyric is probably THE most important element in modern music. I mean, take a look around; there are literally millions of people who make music in varying degrees, but you can count the number of good (read consistent) songwriters with the loan of a couple of your mates fingers. ie barely fuck all. I have known Carol for a couple of years and she is a consistently good songwriter so a review request could not be ignored. In fact, I followed the progression of the song through two music factories; one I am very familiar with and one that was a total unknown for me.

Sahib Radio should be a familiar name, as well he should be because the man is everywhere - his brand of American rock does seem to appeal right across the board. The first version of Money From The Satisfied Man is fairly typical Sahib style (think a New Orleans sound Springsteen) although I thought that Sahib kinda rushed some of the lines. Still, musically, it's a peach and well up the usual high standard I have come to expect from this musician. Style like this you don't hear everyday and I'd recommend this on the music alone - a fine blend of Springbean and Dylan that is pure Sahib Radio. Paul Jeffery was the unknown name here and where Sahib's rock is gritty and raw edged, Paul's version does - I feel - highlight the songs original feel and meaning. I say that knowing full well that I am singling out a rock ballad (oh dear, God forbid etc) for praise. It isn't, as you know, one of my favourite grazing areas but Paul Jeffery's brings out a much more classic rock approach than you would expect and he has a very personable rock growl when pushed to deliver. I found myself liking both varieties; the raw, steamy Louisiana rock and the classic english rock sound - both bought something different to the party. And that, my friends, is what makes a good song - one that other people can interpret in their own way. Lovely start to the month.

Classy rock song, that comes in two tasty brews... Highly Recommended.

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