Saturday, April 21, 2007

One Kid's Lunch - Maybe

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Since I first laid eyes on the 'who are these guys anyway?' tagline on their Soundclick page, I've probably learned more about this Texas based duo than is good for me. Getting a string of Highly Recommended's and Must Haves goes a long way toward explaining my interest, as does at least one Track Of The Year 2006; but that's just about the music. Wait up, screech to a halt o thou speedy eyeball. Backtrack a bit... 'but that's just about the music'...what is that all about? The musical style OKL employ has endeared them to many a Soundclick listener over the past year, and has become as familiar as a familiar thing could be, at least in the Gilmore household. And, I might add, in a great many others too, so it goes without saying that the band's musical output is always worth a listen or two.

It isn't, however, the prime factor for my interest in them. It has more to do with the message and underlying tone of pretty much all their tracks. Having just returned from a trip to the US's Shenandoah Valley, and it's communities of Amish, Mennonites and born again Christians (ie pretty much everybody else), you can see only too well how deeply religeous the American people as a whole are. btw, this was not far from the tragedy at yet another American university this week. Where I do disagree with the whole 'Saved' movement is that I don't to be saved by having something forced down my throat. I know what I think about Jesus and God and the panoply, I don't 'need' to do anything other then the thing I have spent my life doing - being obedient to my own voices. All of them. ;) It's to One Kid's Lunchs' eternal credit that - as Christians - NOT ONE of their tracks is likely to push it at you.Humour, now there's another thing that separates them from most of their 'so called' brethren.

In my world, actions always speak louder than words.

Having said that, one of the main draws for me is OKL's lyrics, always a pleasure, always upbeat and often incredibly funny, and Maybe is a classic slice of wordplay, musically mining the sound of the late 1960's for all they are worth. I have to say this track didn't hit me as immediately as other OKL offerings but continued exposure to the track soon corrrected that. I have to also admit that as well as being a fan of the band, I'm also a fan of this particular sound (The Beatles being the most obvious musical reference point, but late 1960's pop in general will do) and One Kid's Lunch bring it bang up to form. I wonder if they have their music on Songplanet yet? There's a (radio) match made in Heaven. Speaking of which, Maybe is musical manna and it desires gobbling up immediately. I, Dr Aluiscious Algernon Gilmore PHD(y) DHD(y), prescribe it for whatever might ail you now or in the future.

Highly Recommended, infectious Pop/Rock.

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