Saturday, April 28, 2007

Savanna Roots - A Song For Empty Rooms

Hear The Track Here

Wondering why this name rang so many bells, I did a quick search before I even downloaded this track to find out why. The answer was, of course, I had reviewed Separate (February 2007) and liked it a lot, although not so much as one Cam Bastedo (aka Cam's Even Song) did - as my review of that track pointed out. Although I didn't reach the same heights of excitement as Cam, I certainly enjoyed the track and was pretty knocked out with the talent on display too - especially from one so young. Stephen Bennett is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas who - in the short time he has been on here - has picked up some very influential adherents to his style, including me ol' mate Cam.

Not bad going, no matter what your age.

As such, it is not the main issue here either. I don't care when your music was made, what with, who played what. All I care about is does it affect me? Does it stimulate parts other music can only wish to acheive? On that score, there is no doubt that Savanna Roots made a very favourable impression on me, even if I would go as far as some of his admirers - at least just yet. The great thing about being 17 is that it leaves you plenty of room to grow as a musician. Certainly his presentation on both times I have reviewed his material is flawless; not a hair out of place - and that is the thing I think singles him out from his peers. On a purely artistic level, it's almost impossible not to be impressed with what you hear - regardless of your genre choice - musicians would appreciate something like this no matter what.

But what of JQ Public and his missis? Yep, regular earthbound listeners.

Well if they are into American rock of a certain style, A Song For Empty Rooms will soon find a home because there is no doubt this track has the musical nous and production facility to daze at a thousand yards. For my money, this is not Power Pop, more like yer regular American-tinged rock and I don't say that in a derogatory manner. Truth is, I am that musician I was describing above and I do admire and like what Savanna Roots are doing, and A Song For Empty Rooms is well up there in terms of friendly, welcoming - especially if you do like the genre. As yet though, nothing from this artist has knocked me on my considerable keister but I'm expecting that one along any moment; in the meantime this will more than do. btw, the guitar solo in this track is scorching, worth a listen/download for that alone.

Highly Recommended rock.

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