Monday, April 16, 2007

Self Tort - Salvation Carnival

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Judged by the paucity of information on his Soundclick page, Self Tort appears to be a mite taciturn, which is kinda surprising considering he hails from the Big Oz (Australia to you mate) and he's very chatty in forum life. Still maybe that's because he'd rather that the music did the talking for him and there is nothing wrong with that. He has also acquired a large selection of listeners too, including some well known Soundclick names, and there's definitely everything right with that. Salvation Carnival was originally written over 30 years ago and has taken that amount of time to finally come together. Yep, well, songs are like that. Dry as a fart for months on end, then you get so many it's difficult to keep track of what belongs to what. Been there, done that.

Obviously not knowing a ferkin thing about the geezer, I presume he's older than most and has been around the musical block a few times. Even a cursory listen to the track was enough to show me that at least he had been around music for a good while; the production is so nice and shiny, you feel afraid to sit down. Know what I mean? It's often a problem with classic rock ballad attempts, and in many cases finally wins out with a decent song to back it up and on that score Self Tort delivers a very credible 70's tinged rock tune that - should you like the musical period - will rub all the right bits for long time. On a more personal note, I didn't particularly think 1970's rock was good then, today I'm even less bovvered.

Taken in its own genre, Salvation Carnival has many things going for it. A strong, well sung song, excellent production and performance - a class job in every respect. So why do you detect that hint of meehh in my voice? Truth is that although I can appreciate the respectful nod to the past this track is, it doesn't exactly blow my skirts up. Maybe that is because it's very American in sound (something the Aussies always do well, surprisingly enough) or maybe it's because material of this type worn thin the first time round. Mind you, I'm not the guy looking for this kind of music and I'm sure there will many takers who do like the genre because this is one of the better tracks (ie more professional) than a great many I have heard.

Not exactly classic rock but certainly a close relative.

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