Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cam's Even Song - My Castle by the Sea

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Now that his life has been changed beyond measure (Cam: It hasn't) with the bestowal at the end of 2006 of the dubious honour of being Gilmore's Artist Of The Year; he is constantly surrounded by adulating fans (Cam: I aren't!), coining it in (Cam: riiigghhttt) and - of course - being the star of the hour (Cam: now THAT is me!). It should be understood that the part of Cameron Bastedo (for it is he) in the preceeding light skit is being played by an ac-TOR and obviously bears no relation whatsoever to reality, or indeed Cam. And - much more vital, immediate and to the point - we live in the world of 'only as good as your last one...' here. There again, My Castle by the Sea's first impression, is such a warm, puppyish character that is totally welcoming - the raucousness being the prerequistite ingredient - and it'll charm you right out of your wits.

Yep, it's playful Cam. (Cam: No I'm not)

You'll need to bring your bucket and spade with you because this time, this always interesting artist takes us all to play in his own private yacht to loonyland. Seriously this man has more musical sides than anyone else I can think of. Admittedly, it all sounds so - well - Cam'ish but even so the variance between each of his tracks is perfectly managed, wonderfully performed and often - as in this peice - delightfully fun confections. My Castle by the Sea was apparently inspired by a session playing Empires III, and as a dedicated player myself I can quite see that happening. Although - as usual - Cam then drags in every inspiration his fertile mind can dredge up and it makes for one of the most listenable, likeable and exhilarating tracks I have heard this year.

So what, exactly is it about this track that's got me so hot and sweaty? (Cam: OK, that's it. I'm off)

Where to start, where to start... Admittedly the first couple of plays of this I most assuredly didn't really get it. After the (some huge number) of plays later there is no doubt in my mind that this is well up there with Cam's finest and absolutely the most commercial thing I have heard from him yet. Now me, if I had to 'fess up, I really love the proto-Dylan iconoclastic fire-breathing Cam, but there again I love the Beatles inspired Cam just as much and My Castle is decidedly beatleish in nature. Nonetheless, it's a fine, fine track and I do beg you to give it a bit of time to give you a mind meld. Moreover, my own family is bombarded by indie music because they live with me, and Cam's Even Song is the biggest hit so far. Even my wife, bless her and keep her, absolutely loves Cam's music. As will you if you give this track a bit of ear room.

MUST HAVE (Ed: OK, how many is this now??)

Note: Ed: is not an actor, merely this reviewers PITA...and censor :P

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