Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bill Davies - God's Creation

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OK, I have to admit to watching this track slide slowly up the list and I am ashamed to say that I was pretty much dreading it. See, I know what I like and I know what I don't like and I am a man of many predjudices, and this track hits at least two of my innummerable mean streaks. Oh dear, you may be thinking (and especially poor ol' Bill), that's not a very good way to start a review off, is it? I am also a highly susceptible person, prone to misunderstand my own language. I could have sworn that Bill used the words 'mellow', 'devotional spoken poem' and all of them bad boys gives me a bad case of the heebies, as regular readers know only too well. Still, as ever, I have been known to overcome the wall of predjudice I'd built around myself and this time I rose to the occasion with a simple bravery beating in my puny breast.

After all, it couldn't be a song about flowers and white fluffy clouds, could it?

God's Creation, as it happens, is exactly about that, and all very new age with it so you best be wearing a flower in your hair if you want to get something more than a good ear-waxing from it. While it is mellow, and it is electronica it's initial impression is marred by the fact that it is technically new age genre-wise and whammo - yet another layer in the ol' pred gets added. I think it's probably a good job that I have the review process to work a track to the bone, because otherwise - quite frankly - I'd have passed this track by without a second glance. That would have been a crying shame because - despite it's insipid overtones - is obviously a musical work of great charm that took a lot of work.

Having worked with a couple of poets in the past and constructed tracks around those vocals, I can really appreciate the efforts Bill has gone to to get it right. The only thing remaining is that you (the listener) actually like this whole new age thing; after all not everybody likes flowers and white fluffly clouds. Many, in fact, like the fluffy clouds to be drug induced and would as soon stomp a flower as look at and admire one. Still, let's turn the other cheek, because I DO like flowers and fluffy clouds, although not so obviously in a song. Bill makes a good job of it and although I can't say I am enamoured of this track I did come to like its easy float-away style but only after a good many plays. Certainly I would be open to hearing more of Bill's work because he obviously knows his stuff, but this one is not for me.

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