Thursday, April 19, 2007

Denny Schneidemesser - Freedom's Calling

Hear The Track Here

By the looks of it German artist Denny Schneidemesser is relatively new to both Soundclick and music making but, undetered, he jumps straight in at the deep end and takes on Film Music as a genre. There again, he also knows a nice peice of kit when he sees it and he's grabbed some of this which is definitely the number one choice if you are going to take this in any way seriously. So, despite his just starting, he has managed to get into one of the best orchestral tools around. I am, for my sins, an avid user of Miroslav's choral sounds in my own work and would recommend the samples to anyone who wanted authentic sounding choirs. It doesn't, as you can see from the page, come cheap but it is worth every penny.

Now before Denny starts getting worried that I am reviewing the software and not his performance with it, lets get to the track.

Denny has, apparently been concentrating on film trailer music, ie substantially shorter than the usual epic lengths most of us associate with film music. Freedom's Calling is his first foray into the full blown genre but totals out - to you - at a little under six minutes. As such it's first impression is pretty nondescript but partly - in my case at least - because I have a built in antipathy to this genre. Also whenever I hear film music scores these days I am likely to put it against my current yardstick - Sound Radius - and lets face it, nobody is get one over on the Radius when it comes to music with power, emotion and meaning. Still, that was just my first impression and things did get better by repeated listening and shows that Denny thinks long and hard about what he is creating.

Having known huge numbers of German musicians I am ever fascinated by their attention to detail and Denny Schneidemesser has that trait down handsomely. The ever-changing arrangement, the tenor and pitch of the instruments and the sheer 'eat-right-off-it' cleanliness of the production and mix show tremendous innate knowledge about how to display what you have got to best advantage. For someone looking for a new source for this material, Denny will be a most welcome find but for someone like me who has heard what Soundclick offers in this genre, this is pale in comparison. In Denny's defence, he is a starter at this game AND he looks quite young so I am going to end by saying that I am looking forward to hearing some great things from this artist over the next few months or years. There's no denying that - whatever I think - this gets Denny off to a flying start.

Excellent string driven film score. Recommended.

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