Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pilesar - Last Minute Loaf

Hear The Track Here

And now, Soundclick's Dr of Madness, Badness and General Musical Mayhem, the Prince of WTF!!, laaaaddeeessss and gennelmen, shake it all about for PILESAR (Ed: why is this crowd going crazy in here? Don't they know this is a working office?). The wonder that is the big P has baffled, bewildered, boondoggled a great many Soundclickers for a long time now, and thankfully his lunacy shows no sign of abating any time soon, for which we should all breathe a hearty sigh of relief. After all, the world NEEDS artists like Mr P. As a for example, go now - right now - to the Pilesar Soundclick webpage linked above but for forks sake make sure you are wearing the heftiest sunglasses you can lift because you'll be needing them.

I do mean the Prince of WTF!.

Musically too, Pilesar is a superlative, innovative joker that you are either going to get or not. Take Last Minute Loaf as an example, Pilesar describes it thusly 'i'm responsible for all of the sounds you hear in the right channel, he is responsible for everything you hear in the left channel'. The 'he' in this case being Demon Blaster and one half of Dross, Daniel Euphrat. Niether of these artists had any clue to the other persons part and didn't hear the final track until it was completed. So, what part of totally tonto, mad as a box of frogs could you not understand? Only madmen would even THINK about such a task, let alone going about making it a reality. Having said that Pilesar has attempted a great many things in his time and he's not usually wrong in his choice of material.

Still, makes the ol' gills a bit green when ya contemplate divin' in....

Having had an earful of both Pilesar and Dross in the past, I consider myself pretty hardened to their approach, individually and collectively, and even I found myself nodding in agreement with Pilesars parting comment ', i think it turned out rather well'. At this stage I feel it only fair that some people are arranging Rip The Reviewer parties and I can't say I blame them. The sad truth is that no matter how absurd it sounds in print; there is no doubt to its effect on your ears - especially if you like a touch of what Pilesar does best. Matter of fact, except for the trademark Dross guitar sound, I could have sworn this peice was from the mind of the same tortured individual, so well does it fit together. If fit together is exactly the term for it. Pilesar has always been a pretty freewheeling kinda guy and it doesn't come much more freewheeling than Last Minute Loaf. One can only count ones blessings that it comes in around three minutes, which as we well know is almost a world record. (Ed: do we need to think about that?)

Musical anarchy come to bite your butt. Highly Recommended (but handle with care)

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