Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Silvertrain - Wall Around Your Heart

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If I got paid by the word then Silvertrain would have to make me a very rich man. As it is, I don't get paid at all and I've still found time to write many thousands of words about what Silvertrain is all about - or as is often the case, what it is not. Out of all their thousands of fans, I probably rate right up there as in there from day one. Mind you, t'ain't all been wine and roses, as even the briefest knowledge of their chequered past will testify. There was their awesome debut CD 'The One To Blame' way back in the day now, and since then sporadic sets of songs; some of which worked, some of which didn't (or at least particularly well) and all of them passing through my ears at some point.

So I also consider myself quite knowledgeable about this Hampshire (UK not New) duo; Ritchie Allen and John Brandon to be utterly precise, and - as they know - I've never been one to hold back on what I think. While I always like to hear material from this band, it's patchy nature almost makes me gnash my teeth because I KNOW what it should sound like. Admittedly John Brandon (the main producer right now) has made huge strides in his recording techniques so I wonder why he has left a drumtrack off this track? For me, it somehow (again) reduces the track to a glorified 'demo' which all well and good in its own place, maybe should have been thought about a bit more in terms of presentation.

It's always hard for me to be harsh with these guys because, quite frankly, I've always liked what they do; write short, sharp, intellgent songs. However, it isn't a question of what I like, it's a question of how a casual listener may hear this track, and that's where it all falls down. I can certainly hear the potential of the track - as always it's a fine Silvertrain song at its heart. It doesn't really get out of first gear though, and the production doesn't help. Instrumentally, think guitar, strings, vocals and that'll be all fank yew. If I were that casual listener, I think that (maybe) it was a nice song but all sounding a bit tame, a bit too lazy for its own good. There again, I'm sure this track may rear its head in a more complete form somewhere down the line, so I'll reserve final judgement until then. I fully understand that the wait might be a while.

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