Monday, April 16, 2007

Apesoundscapes - HazyDayz

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Well, well, just when you thought it was safe... ;)

HazyDayz heralds the welcome return to Soundclick of Apesoundscapes, who seems to have been missing for a while there. For those who haven't got past 'huh?' yet, allow me to explain... My last review of this artist was Out Of The Cold (March 2006) for which he snatched a muist have recommendation from me, so that means (counts his fingers) over a year from one track to another, Feck me, and I thought I was slow. I joke, as usual. Even I knew how the real world can get in the way of what we do on here, and it does lose us some magical moments but hey - it was ever thus. So, nice to see this (and I quote) 'chillin summer vibing tune which is all about blazin, swiggin and reminiscing'

Oh, that's all right then.

Carl Best (aka Apesoundscapes) has always, from day one, walked his own path and often it proves not to be a comfortable one. He likes to delve into musical sounds and textures that often seem to defy or clutter the original idea, until you really start listening to the track. HazyDayz has the same imgredients as previous tracks, and the epic scale of things is still very much to the fore, reminding me in places of the very best bits of Simple Minds. Mixed, as usual, with the more familiar '80's electropop sound I have come to expect from him. Not a casual listen that's for sure, because the more you listen to this track, the more you will find - especially if you are looking for musical references (one of my favourite pastimes).

HazyDayz and Apesoundscapes musical escapades come together after about the third or fourth listen for me so be warned that this is going to a track that might take time to get used to. For me, it's like a musical roll call of everything that has been worthwhile in music over the past twenty years, and is something I am particularly going to like. There again, given its rock style delivery it may pull in a few of the longhairs too, showing that the term 'electronica' is as big as several oceans. To my mind, nothing like as immediate as Out Of The Cold, but by jiminy this guy comes up with something different everytime, and I think further exposure to this over the coming summer will elevate it into one of this years highlights. Confidence, as they say, is high.

Summer song? This bad boy. Top Class and Highly Recommended.

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