Saturday, April 28, 2007

Denton - Hard Temperance

Hear The Track Here

Third time around for Newcastle based Denton and although his Instrumental Rock tracks have been interesting, but not inspiring. S'OK, not everyone can be inspired all the time, fair wears a body out doncha know? The Reivers Way (November 2006) was the first Denton track I was exposed to and although I liked its retro feel it didn't really grab me. Whereas Dog Leap Stairs (February 2007) I did like - and for exactly that selfsame retro feel. There's just no winning for some folks, is there? So if you are thinking Shadows?, Ventures? then you'd be right on the money and no doubt a dedicated fan of the genre already.

The absolute very best thing about the internet music scene is the amount of room formerly 'niche' markets can gain for themselves and - by default - spread the good word about. On that score too, Denton is going to help a great deal because he is a reasonably proficient guitarist, who seems to excel in this style. Having said that, Hard Temperance is a step away from that 1950's guitar sound, but not by much. It is, however a sign of a much more fluid, and yeah more exciting side of this guitarist. Although the beginning of the track definitely had a well cheesy Steely Dan feel, it soon developed into a very free form kind of improvisation that (almost/kinda/sorta) worked - had it not been for one massive drawback.

The drumtrack being used here doesn't really fit the track at all. It's all very pedestrian stuff too, about as close to a beat wot plods as you can get and - given the energy of the lead playing - totally at odds with what is happening with the instrumental. Now I do understand the limitations most of us suffer under, and I do take that into account, nonetheless in this case this could be easily enough solved. In my opinion, having the drums follow the instrumental action will set this track on fire, instead of helping to damp down the flames as the present accompaniment seems to do. Ultimately, I think you should be made aware that this track is essentially a guitarist working out his own musical demons and there's nothing wrong with that, just may not appeal to a great many others though.

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