Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Blackwater Dead - Get Away

Hear The Track Here

Chris De Ieso appears to be the band, unless my hearing has been severely disrupted by last weeks flu, and I shamefacedly admit that at first I thought it was Soundclick's Thomas J Marchant in yet another guise - so similar are the styles. This is very much a fleeting impression because when you actually start to listen with extended ears (as it were) there are quite distinct differences in the way the music is put together. As you can see from the first pic on the official website, an amp, a mic and that's pretty much the studio covered.

Aaahh, but t'ain't what you got, it's what you do with it.

That has certainly helped Thomas and I suspect that Blackwater Dead (after an initial shock horror phase) will come through and be a welcome addition too. It is true that without continued exposure to such an avowed lo-fi enthusiast like Marchant, I probably may have missed musicians like The Blackwater Dead because there was a time when I really, really couldn't stand this inward-looking, low key approach. What sells it then is what sells it now; if you have a good clean sound (yeah I know how that sounds but bear with me), and you know how to construct a memorable line or two that's most of the tools.

The reality, however, is a LOT harder to achieve than it sounds which is why musicians like Blackwater Dead are as rare as hens teeth, although I guarantee you won't be thinking that the first time you hear this - you'll be wondering if I am nuts or what. The guitar wanders in and out of the volume field like a drunken trader on a Saturday night, all bellowing presence and absolutely no motor control. And yet, with it's cute electronic squeakers and what sounds like tabla accompaniment, it builds up very substantially. Do be aware though that this is most definitely an acquired taste but if you like Mr Marchant, The Blackwater Dead have a different take on the genre.

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