Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zebrabook Music - The Lovers

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The continuing adventures of Jon Bushaway finds us with a new chapter from the other side of his musical tracks (ie NOT The Dead Company) with this new track from Zebrabooks Music, his alter electronica ego. Certainly if you dabble in the wilder excesses of experimental music you have become aware of Jon Bushaway through his Dead Company persona, and consequently know exactly what to expect and for those who don't know I should probably issue a stern warning about music that messes with your brain. Personally I like Jon more when he is in non-chaos/doom mode, and know him to be extremely good at putting his finger on a gorgeous musical moment. Mind you, its only fair to say that with this guy for every gorgeous musical moment, there will be five more that will make you poop your pants in terror. So, what does he have in store for us now?

Jon Bushaway is actually a poet of some note IMO, his words usually accompany Dead Company outings and The Lovers follows that tradition although, as Jon says, he is yet to decide whether the words fit or not. So far, so Jon Bushaway. So is the extreme length, this is a small fry for Jon weighing in at a measly ten minutes plus, some his works are triple that time so I guess he must have restrained himself somewhat. Of course, it doesn't feel like that when you are faced with ten minutes of kinda electronica, kinda funky, kinda weird as ****. However, over the many years I have known this most difficult of musicians, I have developed a method of dealing with his music. And I'll tell you if you pay me.

The Lovers is exactly what I would expect from Zebrabook Music based on the two other tracks I have reviewed and, of course, Jon's copious output as The Dead Company. This is not a musician who gets it said and done, here's a guy who stretches out as wide and far as it will go, and then gets behind it and really pushes envelopes. Consequently, people will come to two conclusions a) this is boring or b) wtf IS this? Personally, I've NEVER found Jon Bushaway's work boring, baffling, confusing and intensely shot through with real beauty yes but boring never. Mind you, even TDC/Zebrabook fans usually struggle to assimilate the pieces that Jon throws our way, and not always because of their obesity.

Only for lovers probably. Excellent experimental nonetheless. Recommended.

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