Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Wisers - The Fall EP

Hear The Track Here

Don't know what it is about Italy but they sure have some good musicians, especially of the unsigned variety. The Wisers are a review request from my blog and are all from Naples, Italy, a wonderful part of the world - although they may not agree with that comment :). Never met a Napolitan yet that did. The band consists of Andrea Caccese (gtrs/vocals), Mattia Santangelo (drums, perc, piano), Carlo Gallinoro (guitars) and Claudio Vitiello on bass and show what they can do on a five track EP The Fall which can be downloaded for free at the above link. Right price point, so what are you waiting for? Aaah, the review. I see. Essentially, The Wisers are pretty much a rock band at heart, although their material stretches the definition somewhat but doesn't everything these days; labels are increasingly meaningless. I have another friend from Naples who does pretty much the same kind of material (but with a harder edge) so I felt right at home with the music...

...even if some of it was suspiciously prog rock sounding..

The Crossfire, track one of the EP, certainly rocks along nicely, interspersed with these semi prog rock sequences and as the introductory track to the EP certainly has energy and style with the kind of production most of us would kill to achieve. This is made particularly obvious with the intro to The Fall Begins which is real pretty, only slightly marred by the slight accent the singer has which - being Italian and singing in English - he doesn't have a lot of choice about. A small niggle anyway when the track has such a positive sound and appeal although at just under two minutes doesn't leave you much to chew on. Walking On Ice explores electronica, rock, thrash and just about everything else the band could think of with a great syncopated rhythm I would have loved to pull together. The more I listened to this track the more I warmed to it, and it ended up being one of my favourite tracks, very tough sound.

In fact, putting Walking On Ice before Unsocial Networks is inspired because Walking puts you just in the right frame of mind for something as raw and energetic as Unsocial Networks, and when I say tough, I mean hard and unrelenting. None of the tracks are, however, without their fair share of pretty and/or elegant bits which shows that although the band can rock like a proverbial son of a whatsname, they can deliver emotion and drama into the bargain. Elephants And Swans (track five) starts of in that pretty/elegant way with a beautifully realised acoustic piece which reminds me somewhat of Soundclick's own Silvertrain, stylistically and soundwise. Elephants and Swans ended up being the other one of my favourite tracks from the EP and I don't normally go for slower, softer songs but its so pretty I just can't resist it. If you think unsigned music is rough and ready, without a commercial idea in its head, download this for free and see how wrong you are.

Excellent (and different) slant on the rock of ages. Highly recommended FREE EP.

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