Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gabriel Sabadi - Don't Show Me Around

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When I was doing the review of GSM's Time Will Cure Us All (March 2010) I kept thinking that I had done at least review of another track from GSM band member Gabriel Sabadi (the other two members being Chris Moore and Chris Georgiou) so while reviewing this I did a quick search and lo, I reviewed Please Don't Stare (September 2007) which appears to be the first time I met him. I wasn't very complimentary about it but as I explained that might be my own inbuilt prejudice against anything that smacks of prog rock. Mind you, that certainly didn't stop me enjoying the beejeebers out of Time Will Cure Us All despite it's overtly Yes feel and style, or stop me from recommending it either.

Gabriel is never one to work alone if he can possibly help it so he's roped in Chris Georgiou (again) and Peter Tamdog to assist in bringing Don't Show Me Around to our ears. Like most review tunes I had spent some time actually listening to the track before I started to read what other people felt about it because its amazing how often I disagree with them. Nonetheless, couldn't argue with the unanimous verdict from Mixposure regulars to this this track, notably the stunning arrangement, a very cool acoustic intro and some excellent vocals from Chris Georgiou (I think) and guess what? Not a trace of prog rock in sight.

What exactly it reminded me of I couldn't put my finger on until I read Nigel Potter's comments about it sounding like spacerock and I reckon he's right about that. OK, spacerock with a LOT more depth to it musically than you would expect from the genre. Rock pop is probably a bit much although it definitely has some pop moments and the song itself is definitely pop in construction. Like a lot of Mixposure musicians, the predominant instrument here are guitars - the ending is virtually a ****ing contest between them - but special note should be taken of the rest of the music track because everything fits just right. Moreover, the song just keeps building and building, packing so much in there it takes a few plays to get it all straight in your mind. Excellent track from some excellent musicians and one hell of a producer.

Highly Recommended rock with a difference.

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