Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pilesar - Slight Case Of Clown

Hear The Track Here

Actually, slight case of a couple of clowns, one singing about another. One clown is the musical entity we refer to as Pilesar whose highly individual take on what makes for good music is often jaw dropping, and always with as wicked a sense of humour as sense of timing. In short, Pilesar is waaaayyy different. Over the past year or so, he's taken that show on the road giving us some live tracks that truly show just how much of a musical talent the man is than anything else. Obviously I am aware that he is not a musician to be taken lightly even if he often invites that impulse. I learned the hard way that behind every Pilesar track is a very musical mind, regardless of what it actually sounds like and that - for me - is what makes him special. An experimentalists experimentalist, if you get my meaning.

So when the man says his influences are 'Ween, Boredoms, Residents etc' you can bet this is not going to be your average music track. Personally, having known this musician for a long time, I think his live work owes much more to artists like Bobby McFerrin than those named but that's just probably me being picky. So after the string of live tracks, we go back to Pilesar's roots with a track that sounds surprisingly like the material that first introduced me to him, and that's not a bad thing at all. Of course it is an incredibly bad thing if you think that songs about clowns are not the done thing, or that seeming musical mayhem is a good way to relax your ear muscles.

I like the fact that this track sounds like Pilesar set the drums on fire then went as fast as he could to finish the track before it went pear shaped. Why, dear reader, do you look at me so? Don't you know this man? He is the only human being I am aware of that thought of that concept before me, leaving me only the task of describing it, which is impossible so I give up. I am a confirmed Pilesar fan because he uses music in such an instinctive, natural way that even the weirdest shit he can come up with sounds like it belongs together, even when your ears tell you it couldn't possibly be doing that. Slight Case Of Clown is a n excellent example of what Pilesar is about when not being an actual one man band, and one no doubt I'll be hanging on to.

Highly Recommended thrash/drum/chaos thing. MUST HAVE for fans.

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