Monday, April 26, 2010

Policy Overkill - Undead Army

Hear The Track Here

I first came across US based Experimental Electronica musician Policy Overkill when I reviewed The Stomp Dance (June 2006) was proud to say that the music was ' 'Kraftwerk and Wumpscut run through a meat grinder' and over the years, and a few tracks, he's proceeded to stamp his own style on many of our hard drives. At least those of us who thrive on experimental electronica that is. I must admit to having developed a rare old taste for it, and although I haven't 'got' all of Policy Overkill's tracks there are certainly enough for him to be taken seriously by me. Been a while since we last saw him too, the last track I reviewed was And Another Thing (February 2008) so a fair bit of time has passed. So, how much has changed?

I know for a fact that it will still be 'weird music'. Plug Me In and Turn Me On isn't on Soundclick but you can get it from Policy Overkill's site in the link above or, because you are a lazy bastard, right here and don't say I don't give you anything. Ah but would we want it Gilmore?, I hear you say. Having foisted the likes of Fear 2 Stop and other Soundclick oddities on you, you have a right to be mistrustful, but if - by an small quirk of fate - you happen to like electronica and experimental then maybe you should be checking this out because Undead Army is surprisingly more raw electronica than I've heard from this musician before. Or not that I noticed anyway. Still, no surprise there eh?

Don't - like a certain reviewer - get all bent out of shape about the much over-used record noise (needle on vinyl) because once you get past that, Undead Army turns into a nifty, propulsive piece of electronica in the grand old Kraftwerk manner. The early 1980's German feel is a particularly fruitful field for a lot of musicians these days who often plunder and pillage the originals, but very few nail the particular subtleties that the band often brought to the party. On this track, that feel stands like a ghost at a wedding, always hovering in the background and you know what? I liked that whole deal because it's a lot more atmospheric than a casual listen will show so probably be good to give it time to sink in.

Kraftwerk inspired Electronica. Highly Recommended.

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