Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rayon Vert - Rayon Vert Remastered

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Now, as you might see, a new name. Well, to be confusing, Rayon Vert is a new name to me, although it holds some very well known figures in it. The full line up is Rob Grant, Gary Carciello, Doctor C and Farrell Jackson, the latter seeming to be everywhere at once. Their self titled track was, no, I'll let them tell you... 'All bands (even internet ones) need to write a song named after them' so, like many bands before them they wanted to write their signature tune and nothing wrong with that. Not sure whether the character Rayon Vert in the song is either a superhero or a supernatural being but it's all about harnessing the power or something. Aaahh, you nod wisely, now that the penny has dropped. Yes, Rayon Vert are indeed a rock band and yes again clever clogs, they inhabit the world known as Mixposure. Where I noticed that someone has compared this track to a Kiss song. Aaaahhh, curse my eyesight, not a good start. When I am downloading tracks for review, I really should do it blindfolded because I always notice the bad stuff.

Like many a non-American, I was confused why anyone could actually like Kiss (Ed: we got no insurance on you Gilmore, don't tempt fate) so seeing something compared to them is not the best start. There again, think on those names I mentioned in this band. None of them are exactly novices at this music stuff and long past their rock virginity so I personally expected something several levels above what Kiss were capable of and lo, I wasn't disappointed. Rayon Vert Remastered is a very sharp, concise rock pop track that fairly jumps out of the speakers and attaches itself clamp-like to your ears before you can so much as blink. Most of that instant appeal is supplied by the keys (and production) of Doctor C and the incredibly crunchy guitar sound of Gary Carciello, although they face some serious competition from Farrell's Paul Rodgers sounding vocals and Rob Grant's economic bass figures.

I was surprised to notice that they were classed as Progressive Rock (shudder) on their Mixposure site but I'm glad to say that not only are Rayon Vert not like Kiss at all, neither are they anything like the prog-rock horror you might expect. Well, I might expect. You may be deranged enough to actually LIKE prog-rock, in which case why are you even reading this still? For the rest of us mere music lovers, Rayon Vert is exactly what the Doctor ordered. A healthy shot of rock right into your earholes that manages to sound as fresh the 20th time you've heard it as the first, and that's definitely what I would have expected given the calibre of the musicians mentioned here.

Highly Recommended power rock song.

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Farrell said...

Thanks for the review of Rayon Vert Steve! I'm with you on the Kiss like comment, I just don't hear it......never possessed a Kiss album nor will I ever. Now Paul Rogers and Bad Company, that's a comparison compliment that I'll take fact, I'll give you a hundred years to stop it, lol!

Farrell Jackson