Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bright Midnight - When You're Down

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A song, Hillis Emanuelson informs us, ' for those who are down' and given the state of this hoary old world, I guess that would cover a whole lot of us. This will be the tenth Bright Midnight track I have reviewed in about as many months too. Prolific doesn't always equate with good though, sometimes, maybe things are released a wee bit too soon. Not that Bright Midnight suffer from this because even their slightly less good tracks usually have enough flash, dash and excitement to keep me amused. It helps that most of the material I have heard from this quarter has its roots in rock no matter how alternative and post-punk it wants to get. As I've mentioned before, Bright Midnight haven't yet really sold me but it's only a question of time before they do.

For example, the earlier Doors influenced tracks almost did it for me, as did the excellent Joy Division sounding Liberation and funnily enough When You're Down features both those influences in the same track, so it should be a shoo-in for a must have right? Well, yes and no. Regular readers will know that I may slide by on production standards if the quality of the song and/or performance makes it worthwhile anyway, but again and again Bright Midnight just miss the brass ring. Doesn't make the tunes any the less listenable though, as the string of recommendeds I have given this artists music in the past, and When You're Down is a good example of what Bright Midnight are about.

Like a lot of the band's music, When You're Down will require a fair amount of time to get into but that time is extremely worthwhile. It wasn't until I'd played it a good few times that it finally started to register, and that I'm afraid will probably hold it back. Shouldn't matter too much of course because Bright Midnight has enough to interest most people looking for some music with heart and warmth, and that's something I've always got from their tracks. Mind you, if you are a sucker for distinctive voices, there is no doubt that the vocalists sound and style will capture your ears, as it did me and many of the band's other fans.

Highly Recommended Alternative.

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