Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Unread Pages - Time

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Although I've reviewed at least three Unread Pages tracks, as well as wearing the beejeebers out of this track and I admit I am still no further in nailing down just what it is that this musician does - other than challenge the listener in many weird and wonderful way. Now don't go running away with the impression that this Sydney, Australia based musician is one of the 'awkward squad' of musicians who revel in experimental that is o.u.t t.h.e.r.e, although he is one of the most experimental musicians I've heard on Soundclick his music is surprisingly free of extraneous noise.

It's immediately obvious that there is a brain at work here, and consequently the tracks that he makes require a fair amount of diligence on the part of the listener to seek out all its secrets. Time is the name of the track and time is what you should give it because believe me it is worth the effort.There is 'difficult' music and then there is music that seems difficult to assimilate at first, but soon wears a trench direct to your pleasure centres and Time seems to have done to that me in record time. After the first play or so, I knew I was going to like getting to know this sprawling new world, but I had no idea...

From the odd syncopation of the intro, to the 'is it in tune or not' of some of the instruments your attention is diverted from the real prize to be wrestled from this track, the lyrics and vocal. Although I take issue with some of the sounds (video game stuff), I cannot fault either the instrumentation or production which is spot on and it does a great job of keeping the pace of the song up to speed. Yes song. Told you this is not like THAT experimental. The song, and the way Unread Pages delivers the lyrics are the real work here, at least for me. One thing stands out above all others, you are not going to hear anything like this any time soon. Relaxing, challenging and hypnotic.... (Ed: Sounds like a good film then)

MUST HAVE song. Read it and weep.

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