Friday, April 30, 2010

Karma Police (UK) - Get Well Soon

Hear The Track Here

Third time around for the UK's Karma Police (see what I did there?) (Ed: on!! on!!) who you may remember had me waxing all lyrical about Soundclick's auspicious past when I reviewed Angels Breathe (December 2009). Both that and T.M.A.2 (January 2010) are both originally made back in 2004 and I was commenting whether Neil Anderson (aka Karma Police (UK)) had any newer material to offer. Not that I care where the music is from mind, merely curious. Get Well Soon is his answer and it too, ah ahhh, is from 2004? OK, that got my butt stirred. I went online and checked and lo, there are many recent tracks so why are we still dwelling in the past? I had a quick listen to Moon March for example, uploaded on Tue Apr 06, 2010 and it sounds mighty fine to me and something I would relish reviewing (Ed: Maybe..) although as a quick drive by, it's all a bit too spacey for me maaaaaaannnn...

Now, pass that bad boy on and stop hogging it....

Now you can tell that Neil is English because while he's making this track, it's pissing down with rain. I'm an old geezer and there's a problem with being an old geezer that they don't tell you about in the instruction manuals (Ed: what instruction manuals?), and that is you want to pass water much more than earlier versions of you. Running water, therefore, is a distinct no-no. There seems to be a psychic connection between the sound of water and my bladder. Get Well Soon is billed as Ambient but about the only thing I can hear ambient about it the rain. What it is to me is a piano ballad delivered with a lot of style and conviction - the sort of track that cries out for a vocalist.

If I was in the market for a tasty piano piece then this would come in very handy indeed, and shows that this musician knows what to use and when to achieve the effect he is after, all of which add up to a philistine like me - who hates ambient with a passion - really enjoying this track. I've found that most instrumentals have an extremely short shelf life for me, and it's a rare one that stands strong against the more conventional standard. Structurally and technically Get Well Soon comes real close. It's certainly good enough to stand alone as an instrumental but I cant help but wonder how this would be with a killer vocal to go with it. Nonetheless, well worth a listen, especially as a relaxer.

Highly Recommended Piano ballad.

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