Thursday, April 15, 2010

Absolute Chaos - Sunrise

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I knew I had reviewed Absolute Chaos before but - for some reason - my mind had run away with the idea that they were some kind of electronica band so when this kinda classy (but decidely home made) hip hop comes out through my speakers it kept throwing me for a loop. Mind you, a few plays took care of that then I started to remember that Absolute Chaos was in fact only 17 years old, but was still making music that sounded mature and confident - and for a rapper confidence is pretty much the whole deal. As I explained in my last review of this musician - Falling Asleep (February 2010) - I have become used to Soundclick's particular brand of hip hop and Absolute Chaos fits in there like a glove.

I'm still unsure as to how the music Absolute Chaos uses comes about but in feel and style it will be familiar indeed to anyone familiar with independent unsigned hip hop music, I mentioned in my last review, Absolute Chaos is coming from the De La Soul school of music, slick beats, jazzy accompaniment. In short, exactly the kind of hip hop I appreciate and, in some ways, that saves Sunrise but not quite. There is a tendency in the vocal for the voice to flatten at certain points in the rap and that definitely spoiled it for me, which is a shame because this is a very enjoyable track.

Nonetheless, the more times I listened to it, the more times those instances became glaring errors so that by the end of the reviewing cycle it was making me grit my teeth. Mind you, the guy is still learning and given the quality of what IS right here, its a small, fixable thing. Given the quality and style displayed on these two tracks, Absolute Chaos seems to know what he's doing and lets face it, only nerds like me would spot the vocal glitches. Most people wouldn't even hear it, they'd either like the track or they wouldn't and if they liked this particular style of hip hop they might find they liked other Absolute Chaos tracks too.

Recommended Hip Hop.

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