Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Avalanche - Be Good To Each Other

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I don't think any of the people in the chatroom of Mike Kohlgraf's original Saturday Night Rocks radio show way back in early 2005 had any idea what was going to happen when Mike introduced two musicians playing 'live' on his show. Mike Foster and Mark Easton were the two musicians and I certainly got knocked flat on my butt that night, but even more so when I started to hear the whole band they came from - Avalanche. Avalanche came from nowhere to snatch Songplanet's Artist Of The Year award in the space of a few short months, and since emigrating to Soundclick haven't put a rock foot wrong. It's a given that pretty much anything they release is a #1 because they are - if anything - the consummate rock band.

and that's why I like 'em so nrrrrr

Be Good To Each Other is the last of the new tracks recorded in 2009 and shows that Will There Be A Tomorrow, the album this track is from is shaping up to be a rock classic. Mastered by Australia's David Pendragon, this track shows again that Avalanche really are in a class of their own. Mark Easton takes the vocal honours this time, with backing vocals supplied by Mike Foster and bassist Barry Easton (Mark's brother) As ever, the experience these guys bring to the table is awesome, you won't hear a classier rock track anywhere that this wouldn't match and even surpass. No surprise really knowing that this is a meticulous band about what it does, and no-one picks fiercer holes than Mike Foster.

He's also quite strident in his views and most of Avalanche's songs reflect that and this is no exception. Having already stated my bias towards this band (and the genre) there are times where we don't connect, but this is not one of them. As Mike says in the voluminous song notes, this track was ' a conscious effort on our part to strike out into some new musical territory' and I'd say that they have succeeded although I am still not sure about the strength of the song itself. There again, my avowed preference with this band has always been of the 'ard and 'eavy kind, so what would someone new to Avalanche think? I don't know, why don't you go and have a listen and come back and tell us? In the meantime, this is going in my ever-bulging Avalanche folder right now...

Highly Recommended rock and MUST HAVE album.

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