Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tedd-Z - Footprints (2007)

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Hang around in this place long enough and you'll meet everybody at least twice. Hang around as long as I have and you see the comings and going and the ups and down of internet and forum life with some caution, in every way. Shit happens, as the old saying goes, and I pretty much agree with every word. A lot of that shit has hit Tedd-Z in his time, some of it even from my direction in terms of reviews but - bless him - he picks himself up and rolls right along. So, after an absence of a few months, it's nice to welcome the man back into the fold. Mind you, having said that and given myself a large headache with Tedd-Z' self titled 'edgey electronic nonsense' in the past, this may not be the most wonderful thing in my life right now, but hey I'm a ruff tuff creampuff and I can take it...


Seems like Tedd-Z is in a retrospective frame of mind by re-working some of his earlier tracks including, it would appear. I'm not sure if I heard the original and if I ever did it has passed into the mists of time so I approached this version with fresh ears. I've known this artist for over four years so its a given that I would expect more from him than most, and he's been around long enough to come up with the goods and he certainly does that with Footprints which I suspect is probably the most commercial I have heard the old boy sound - ever. Much more to the point, I think he's taught himself some new production tricks because the way this is polished and buffed is a wonder to behold, especially when you know his past history. It's even, God forbid, kinda pretty in a Tedd-Z way and that's something I never thought I would be able to say about this artists work.

When all is said and done though, as good as it is, it is 'just another instrumental' but theres certainly more than enough here to snag your attention for the three minutes it takes to run it's course. Musically, Tedd-Z wanders over into World music territory, at least with the percussive elements at use in this track; structurally it's pure Tedd-Z; fiddly, often obtuse but always interesting and - given his new production sound - works well as a track in its own right. However, you will probably have to have a glancing interest in Tedd-Z or electronica blends to really enjoy this track. Nonetheless, as I say, this is by far the best track I have ever heard from Tedd-Z and certainly far more accessible than most of his past works. Welcome back Tedd-Z, now lets hear some new stuff :D

Recommended blend of World and electronica.

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