Thursday, January 25, 2007

Big Wheel - The Yes Song

Hear The Track Here

The very first thought to attack my senses when I saw this tawdry offering in the list this month was that if Big Wheel has given me some prog rock to listen to, I was gonna rip him a nice, shiny new butt. I give him an Up and Coming award for 2006 and this is how he repays me!?!?! Fickle, this lot, I tells ya. Consider this though: Big Wheel got a Up and Coming placing within the space of six short months and that is pretty good going by any standards. The reason is that the man can churn out the choons like you wouldn't believe. The first review of a track I did was Far Away (July 2006) and I gave it a Highly Recommended and the tracks piled up from there, proving this artists consistency and quality. Not that I feel I have to justify my award processes, but because I don't give these things away lightly.

And it provides an extra stick to beat them with... :D

Thinking that Big Wheel would stoop to such a mean trick as dobbing a wodge of prog rock at me just goes to show how paraniod I really am, so lets get off that subject quickly. As you will hear when you hear the track (shouldn't be any if about it IMHO), Big Wheel has nothing whatsoever to do with prog rock and loads to do with rocking electronica grooves the like of which you won't hear in many other places. This time, he's on a Drums and Bass tip and the more I lived with this track the more I liked it's frenetic pace, despite its apparently lazy delivery. There's huge amounts of aural scenery dotted about all over the place and it will certainly take more than a couple of plays to prise them out of their hidey holes - but that's half the fun of it isn't it?

I have heard a lot of stuff purporting to be Drums and Bass, but not heard much that actually lived up to that claim. The Yes Song is a very neat bit of the genre and - when you hear it - I feel certain you'll be downloading it at the same time. At five minutes, thirty it's a bit of a earful but it NEVER gets stale in any degree, propelled along by a lovely liquid bassline that sits perfectly in the mix. For this reviewer, the thing that makes Big Wheel's music work so well are those little touches he gives the music, the breaks, the introduction of new sounds and instruments around every corner. All told, The Yes Song is a fairly intense rhythmic experience that will get your lazy bum off the seat so no more excuses, let's go paAAARRTTY...

Excellent Drums and Bass. Highly Recommended.

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