Sunday, January 28, 2007

Omnisine - In The Name Of God

Hear The Track Here

It's hard enough getting onto my review list before I get swamped, but imagine how much worse it is when you are on the other side of the world. It's OK for us folks in the US, UK and Europe, cos we all have the same day, but people like Omnisine, a native of Mumbai, India, often misses it. But lo! Behold! The boy done good because here he is. If you don't know anything about Omnisine and his own particular brand of electronica, it has the same mostly Western leaning of his fellow city mate Prash and both make music of a very high quality indeed as you can hear by picking any track at random from either artist. You may also have known Omnisine in a slightly older form as the artist known as CJ Freq-X.

Mind you, I have berated them equally too for not including more of their own musical heritage in their music, but being a fan of all world sounds, I would do that. Mind you, as far as Omnisine is concerned after this track I take it all back. Like myself, Omnisine is disgusted with the way that religious dogma is shaping our lives and - also like myself - lives in a city that has its share of the kind of atrocities that dogma brings. Last year Mumbai was hit by a series of train bombs leaving 174 dead and hundreds more injured, some of those very seriously. When 7/7 happened in London I was sufficiently angry at this tragedy I wrote what is probably the angriest track I have ever written, and now the same holds true for Omnisine because this is by far the most edgy I have ever heard this usually placid musician.

There's an extremely tense intro enlivened by some very dirty guitar licks that thunder the track along, before being joined by a rhythm track that threw me out of my comfy chair. As you would expect, the track goes like the clappers, but it isn't without its moments of quieter drama and I do not use that word lightly. The really ear popper though was the introduction of some great Indian rhythms, beats and instruments and it's this addition that puts it over the top for me. Absolutely beyond all question of a doubt the very best thing I have ever heard from this artist who has given me so many good moments in the past. It's a sad indictment of life in the modern world that it took such a tragedy to provide the inspiration for such a moment of wonder, at least musically. A cross between Drums and Bass, Rock and all points south to the great city of Mumbai and so special it'll cream your ears...

A REAL genre bender. Absolute MUST HAVE.

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