Monday, January 22, 2007

Silverline Productions - Goldeneye: Antenna Cradle Remix

Hear The Track Here

I could have sworn I had reviewed this artist more than once, but no. According to me, I reviewed Shimmer (November 2006) and really liked its fusion approach, although it did have some easily correctable flaws. It certainly showed that Greg Michalec (aka Silverline Productions) knew what he was about and what he was about was writing soundtracks for games, movies and video. Uh oh, I hear you sigh, here comes yet another polemic about the whole point of soundtrack music without the visuals but I won't burden you with that particular cross this time.

This time, I've come up with something different :D

I'm very much into fiddling with other peoples bits (Ed: way too much information Gilmore), that is I love remixing peoples tracks. It's all well and good when you - as is my usual thang - listen to remixes of compos or remixes of another online track, at least then you can listen to the original and compare the two to see what has been done to it. The same can't be said of this remix. Goldeneye Antenna Cradle Remix is, as you can tell from a video game (N64 I think) and is a remix of the music of the last level so if you wanna hear it, you'll have to by the game. Or go to a place somewhere in Mexico ;) Therefore it's kinda impossible to say which is SP and which is original but no doubt I'll get the picture.

Slipping into my all black action outfit, my first run through with this track was exactly what I had pictured it to be, although a bit more stereophonic than I bet it is in the game; besides how much notice can you take of music when you are too busy fragging the ass off anything unlucky enough to be moving, Even inanimate objects aren't safe when you put a high powered weapon in the hands of a maniac like me. So anyway, musically G-AC (hee hee) definitely does its gory job in pumping your adreniline up to dangerous levels; and no doubt affecting other areas too. They do say that some people get off on this...

Yeah, eeewww from me too.

Musically is where it counts though and as good as the track is, and it is excellent at capturing that whole Bond thing, it somehow doesn't make me perspire very much. I suppose it's different when you know the game and the original track but somehow playing a peice of music like this out of context doesn't really touch you that much. It's a very tight peice of music right enough, and again shows that it's my own predjudice thats getting in the way here. There's no doubt that technically its a cut above, and for me the winning touch was the interweaving of the Bond theme with the action. Tons and tons of film references as well, as continued listening will show you which suggests that it may well grow more on me in time. So, as much as I liked the technical ability to put a track like this together, I didn't feel that connected to it, although prolonged playing did help to bring out more facets of it. I'll be hanging on to it for its novelty value because I am a sucker for that Bond theme in whatever guise.

Very adept game soundtrack that will have you reaching for your holster. Highly Recommended for Bond fans.

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