Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cam's Even Song - Praise The Name Of The Lord

Hear The Track Here

Here's a classic case of Soundclick audience fickleness. No sooner than we heap the man (Cam Bastedo, sole prop) with mighty riches and honours with a couple of Track's Of The Year and Artist Of The Year 2006 no less, and in the next breath we get to judge him anew. See, that's the best thing about all this; ya build 'em up, ya knock them down... Even though we've both been on Soundclick forever, I didn't actually review any of Cam's work until I reviewed The Home Of The Lord (June 2004) and it's nice to start off the new year with another of Cam's Christian tracks. Although true to his usual routine, this is a Christian track with a central Soundclick connection - it's got most of Soundclick singing on it! Not really but I only joke a bit. SO far, Cam gleefully informs me, there are a grand total of seven different vocalists on this track.

And it could be YOU too. Read on...

Written as an extended chorus, Praise The Name Of The Lord was offered out to other Soundclick vocalists from the beginning and besides featuring Cam as well as his daughter Jill, it includes SC names such as TB Rage, Jim Mason, Dave from One Kids Lunch, Ron Gragg and Micayal Marra. Musically it's pretty much the feelgood quality you expect from Cam but vocally it is very different and I wonder if this copy that I have is a work-in-progress because - to be honest - I have heard Cam's Even Song sound a million times better than this track. I know that massive vocals are incredibly difficult both to record and mix properly but this mix definitely makes me feel that a lot more work should be done on it to make all those vocals really cut through.

So, all in all, I found this all a bit too 'wooly' sounding for my own taste but - as I say - that may be down to it being a work in progress and may well be corrected in time. Who knows, maybe after you put your vocals on it! Come on, don't be a scaredy cat, do something for the Soundclick community for a change. Tell ya what, if you are a rapper, this track is just itching for a decent rap on it. So, as much as I appreciate the communal gesture this track embodies, I feel that once more voices are added and a decent mix performed on this and this is going to be one kick butt chorale!! There again, maybe I've ticked Cam off big time now because this may well be his final version but knowing the guys absolute professionalism I somehow doubt that. I should also mention that it is NOT Cumbaya (or whatever its really called) by any stretch of the imagination :D

Not happy clappy, but decidedly upbeat quasi-gospel and well worth a listen.

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